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Go-Go Gadget

As I prepare to embarke on my trip around the world (destination Paris, France) I can’t help thinking of all the gadgets I wish I had to accompany me.  I do have my iPod (loaded with every episode of The Office of course) to occupy me on the flight and my out-of-date Olympus digital camera to try to capture all the oh-so-precious moments… but I’m sure my trip would be 1000 times better if I had gadgets like an Amazon Kindle or a Nikon D5000.

Having spent nearly all my savings on this trip, however, these are not viable options for me at the moment.  I think my one tech purchase for the trip will have to be a practical one, an AC power adapter.

Power Adapter

After all, I have to keep the few gadgets I do have charged and ready to go! 🙂


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