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Just a hunch…You need a better lunch!

Tired of the same old ho-hum lunches?  As Beth’s post states below, use your “Recessionista” powers to spice things up while saving money.  Boston Globe’s Sally Sampson offers simple and delicious tips to avoid a boring “brown bag” lunch. 

  • Lucious Sunday night leftovers:  Who doesn’t love chili or pasta the next day?
  • Super Salads:  Try some amazing add-ons to your mesclun greens salad, such as grilled chicken, Craisins or asparagus
  • Snappy Sandwiches:  By changing the bread selection alone, the opportunities are endless 
  • Delicious Dairy:  Yogurt and cottage cheese can be very satisfying with the right combination or fruits and nuts

Sally’s article even includes some fun recipes, take a look.  Because lunch shouldn’t be boring, it’s your fuel for the rest of the afternoon.



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