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Conversing, not Pitching, Leads to Ink Today

Journalists are being bitten by the economy more than most other markets and if you’ve tried to get them to write about your company recently, you know this first hand. PC Magazine is no different. When NCP engineering asked us to get ink with this heavy weight pub for their Windows 7 VPN client launch, we went right to work. Our strategy? Talk with the writer on his own terms and translate a ‘pitch’ to a ‘conversation’.

With PC Magazine’s Forward Thinking blogger, Michael Miller, in our sights, we went to work. Miller is active in PC help forums so we started there. Like the rest of the software media, Miller was focused on Windows 7 so we identified key forums he’d be likely to show up in. And when we did, we started the conversation about NCP. The moniker you see, VPN Haus, is our blog for NCP. Having a real conversation with a journalist requires transparency. The seed was planted: NCP offered a VPN client for the beta Windows 7. Next, we saw he wrote about the topic on his blog, and so we commented there as well.

By addressing Miller on his own terms we had managed to introduce our client, their product and a key message or two. Now we were confident that a traditional email pitch would not only get read, it would also jog his memory of the forum post and blog comment. We were in! Miller responded to our email and requested the product to test. Success!

We’ll update this post with the PC Magazine ink our ‘conversation’ style generated for NCP’s product.


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Experience It For Yourself!

Internet Telephony Magazine, one of the many highly recognized TMC Net publications, has named Psytechnics Experience Manager 4.0 as a 2008 Product of the Year. 

Experience Manager is a proven voice performance management solution used in some of the largest IP telephony networks today.  Release 4.0 added measurement for user experience of video conferencing applications and rapid diagnostics for problems in real time. 

With the current economic state, many companies are foregoing business travel and turning to video conferencing as an alternative option.  To ensure that the experience runs seamlessly, the quality of the conference must be nothing less than perfect.  Award-winning Experience Manager provides a snapshot of the actual user experience to proactively manage the service and solve a wide range of quality issues that may occur.

Congratulations to Psytechnics for their innovative technology and prestigious award.

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