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Bad News (for the) Bears – How You Can Help


As I glance over at my calendar, I notice two things.  One, we’re already half way through May (hard to believe), and two, we’re also half way through National Bear Awareness Week.  Sponsored by the Defenders of Wildlife, Bear Awareness Week includes numerous events across the country at zoos and museums, and it also promotes several ways in which you can help save the depleted bear population.

By simply visiting the website you can let your voice be heard in the fight to have polar bears listed as threatened under the Endangered Species List and urge legislators to support laws that protects wildlife from global warming.  Polar bears are facing the loss of their sea-ice feeding and denning grounds as the Arctic climate rapidly warms due to global warming.  Defenders of Wildlife continues to fight for their protection, and it’s simple and easy to show your support.

For those of you who want to get involved further, the website also offers the option of adopting an animal to focus your effors on a specific species.  You can adopt a polar bear, a black bear, a brown bear, or a panda.

All of these animals are in danger, and your support makes a difference.  There is also a wide variety of adorable teddy bears and other meaningful gifts available that benefit these beautiful animals – something to think about next time a gift-giving occation rolls around.  I know I’d like to get a gift that makes a difference.


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