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If Words Matter, Why is the Media ‘Dying’?

Maybe words don’t matter anymore – best of breed, revolutionary, turnkey, next generation – surely if they meant anything, journalists wouldn’t cringe when they hear these words. The journalist credo is: tell the truth so everyone can understand it. A little poetic license here, but the sentiment remains.

So when the media report on themselves, you’d think they would pay attention to words. Not so! Today’s instrumental PR tool, Twitter’s themediaisdying, is claiming a new death every hour or so. Really?? Aren’t these unfortunate journalists caught up in layoffs and closures really moving on to change the landscape of media rather than never being heard from again? Look at the genocide taking place:


Maybe it should be themediaisevolving – new bloggers, podcasters, content producers, *gasp* even turning to the dark side as self-proclaimed PR flacks. Words aside, it’s more important than ever to keep track of where these highly skilled wordsmiths resurface – our clients depend on us for it.


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