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Twitter While You Drive?


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Several outlets are reporting that General Motors and Twitter are exploring partnership options that would integrate Twitter with GM’s OnStar system.

Technically, this is brilliant.  For many reasons.  Firstly, voice-to-text technology, like Microsoft’s SYNC (which has been available in Ford vehicles for some time now), is nothing new, but it took until fairly recently to get it to work properly.  So in terms of high-tech, if this is going to be able to translate speech onto a web-based application, we are right there.

Secondly, GM, if you haven’t heard, is in something of a bad way these days.  So tying themselves to something as popular and ubiquitous as Twitter may well help with brand recognition, and may even help sell a few more portly Escalades.

Thirdly, Twitter itself is quite excellent as a social media tool.  Capable, possibly, of having a new journalism format grow from it. We’ll even be launching a new section of PR Nonense to help guide newcomers through the process of gettinga active in the world of social media, and will include some great tools to help get started with Twitter.

GM’s OnStar system would allow Twitter users to update their “what are you doing,” sections simply by pressing the button and talking.  No doubt there are some kinks to be worked out as, with only a limited number of characters allowed for each tweet, pronunciation-to-spelling accuracy would become essential:

You want to say: “Goin 2 the Sox game 2nite. Beckett’s hurlin Ks”

But you tweet: “Going to the socks game tonight. Becketts her linkays”

What is a linkay?

So, beyond the obvious reasons of accuracy in what a person is trying to say, the system appears to be quite simple to use. But I wonder – should we consider driving-while-tweeting a social media “do” or a “don’t?”

I have to admit, as one of those people who likes cars and enjoys driving (wait, why are you all backing away slowly?), my first thought was that this might be just one step too far.  I mean, technically, it’s hands-free, so no state or potential federal law would prohibit use of the service while driving.   Most of us can still legally talk on our phones while driving, and most of us still do.  Myself included. But I try to avoid it, and lots of people would tell you to do the same.

So, I can’t help but think that this might be another unecessary distraction from the more-immediately important job at hand.

It kind of reminds me of Scene 34 from the timeless classic Monty Python and The Holy Grail when the knights find Joseph of Aremathea’s writings on the cave wall:

KNIGHT:  What does it say?
  MAYNARD:  It reads, ‘Here may be found the last words of Joseph of
      Aramathea.  He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find the Holy Grail
      in the Castle of uuggggggh’.
  ARTHUR:  What?
  MAYNARD: ‘… the Castle of uuggggggh’.
  BEDEMIR:  What is that?
  MAYNARD:  He must have died while carving it.
  LAUNCELOT:  Oh, come on!
  MAYNARD:  Well, that’s what it says.
  ARTHUR:  Look, if he was dying, he wouldn’t bother to carve ‘aaggggh’.
      He’d just say it!
  MAYNARD:  Well, that’s what’s carved in the rock!
  GALAHAD:  Perhaps he was dictating.

Perhaps he was. What do you think?  To tweet-while-you drive, or not to tweet-while-you-drive?


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Isn’t some of IT All Green Tech?

High-tech by definition is cutting-edge technology; it’s THE most advanced technology currently available.  In the ‘80s, it was computers; the ‘90s, the Internet and mobile phones; and in the early years of the new millennium, it is cloud computing. ISN’T SOME OF IT ALL GREEN TECH?

While the traditional essence of high-tech still exists with advancements in IT, biotech, aerospace and the like, a new breed of high-tech is unfolding in the  green/cleantech sector.  Whether it’s a company with a central focus on solar or renewable energy, or an enterprise software company helping businesses reduce power consumption, it’s clear that technology is going green.

March Communications has been mastering high-tech PR for the past four years, with individual employees focused on it for more than two decades.

March Communications’ expertise in high-tech – combined with its longstanding personal interest in greening the environment – puts it in a prime position to serve clients in this emerging space.  We’re already familiar with the business, vertical and technology trade press; we’re skilled in using social media as a way to drive audiences to clients; and more importantly – we know that the most effective way to reach client objectives is to develop a solid message that’s delivered through the most targeted medium.

Our recent experience with green/clean technology clients includes Tideway, GE’s Ecomagination project and Koch Membrane Systems.  We look forward to working with many more innovative green clients in the near future with the formal launch of GlobalCom’s New Energy and Environment practice.

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The March Family

From soccer and cereal to acting and recycling, our diversity is what makes us great!  At March, we recognize the importance of being unique.  When everyone brings something different to the table, that’s when great ideas are born.

In order of appearance: Meredith, Lillian, Liz C, Liz S, Martin, Cheryl, Eric, Nate, Beth, Juliana, and Nicole.

In order of appearance: Meredith, Lillian, Liz C, Liz S, Martin, Cheryl, Eric, Nate, Beth, Juliana, and Nicole.

It continuously astounds me that most people strive to be just like everyone else, to “fit in”, when it is our differences we should be celebrating.  Even Henri Matisse, renowned French painter of the 20th century, said, “It has bothered me all my life that I do not paint like everybody else.”  But here at March, we’re not about fitting in, we’re about standing out.  And thanks to everyone’s unique traits and skills, we do!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~ Dr. Seuss

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Are you my friend?

What’s the definition of a friend in the Social Media world?

Do you want to be my friend?  Do I want to be your friend?  I was reading Peter Shankman’s post on Facebook Purgatory and it made me stop and think about whether I would ever get to 5,000 friends on Facebook and still have another 4,000 in waiting.  I think NEVER.  And mainly because it would be impossible to correspond and visit that many “friends”.  And isn’t that what Facebook is all about.  It’s not a nubmers game – well to some it toally is – but to  me it’s an up to the minute reunion.

Shankman is very well connected and everyone wants to be on his radar but are you really “friends” with him?  I would like to be connected to Shankman professionally and make sure I know who he knows and perhaps the best way is to follow him on Twitter and/or get introduced via LinkedIn. ….(she leaves the page momentarily asking a colleague to introduce her to Shankman on LinkedIn and double checks she is following him on Twitter remembering her last post was way tooo long ago in the social media world.)  ANYWAY…

So how many Facebook friends do you have?  I proudly boast 223.  But if you are Adam, Matt or Bon J I would love to be friends with you.

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It’s 4 pm on a Friday afternoon and you’re really craving a cheeseburger (aromatic elevators do not help this cause, see post below), but if you’re Catholic, it is encouraged to give up meat on Fridays during Lent.  Do people still abide by this “rule?”  I attended church for the first time in, oh, eight years this past weekend, and learned that Meatless March is indeed still in effect, only to read today that more modern fastings are taking place across the world. 

Ariel David, AP Writer, discusses in today’s Boston Globe how dioceses and Catholic groups in Italy have called upon a text messaging ban every Friday in Lent.  The “SMS-Less” day seeks to draw attention to years of conflict in Congo fueled in part by the struggle for control of coltan mines, the mineral being an essential material in cell phones. 

Not at bad idea, but I would lose touch with all of my friends over the course of these five weeks.  The article also suggests other things you can do to better yourself and the environment during Lent:  Leaving cars at home and taking the bus, stop throwing chewing gum on the street (I have a beef with this) and enjoying the week without the Internet or iPods. 

A priest at a Roman church says it best with, “If the use is capricious, then abstinence is welcome, but if the technology is needed for work it makes no sense.”

Maybe I’ll just stick to the traditional fasting and avoid eating meat. Who wants to grab a veggie burger on Friday?  I’ll send you a text. 


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March Madness


Celtics.  Bruins.  Disney on Ice.  College hoops.  Just one of the many great events to take place at the Garden. 


The NCAA East Regionals will be taking over the TD Banknorth Garden on Thursday, March 26th and Saturday, March 28th.  Tickets are pretty hard to come by (and also very expensive), but if you are in the area for a game, come celebrate the madness with March Communications at one of the local Canal Street pubs. 



It will be sheer madness. 

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Read All About It

What do you think of when you hear the word “March”?  Do you have thoughts of spring and the days getting longer?  Or do you think of the PR agency located above the Fours Pub with an elevator that smells like hamburgers? 

I actually think of Dr. Seuss, one of my favorite childhood authors.  Did you know that Monday, March 2nd is National Read Across America Day, in honor of Geisel’s birthday.  The day was created as part of Read Across America, an initiative to promote literacy.

So before you embark on the start of a new month next week, maybe you should brush up on the tweetle beetles that battle with their paddles in a puddle on a noodle-eating poodle, sir! 


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