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Don’t Want to Talk? That’s a Mistake.

If you have something cool, you should let people see / touch / hear / interact with it. Everyone in your company is working their butt off to create a widget better than all the other widgets out there – and everyone in the company is fired up about it (or they should be). If you have IT and know it, you should TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT. Compare to what’s out there. Defend your blue widget’s superiority over the green one. Criticism is not bad. Yes, there is fact in ‘bad press’ however that’s why you have (or should have) a PR team.

Great sentiment on this oh so common PR rant from Bad Pitch Blogger:

Don’t worry about the competitors-anyone and everyone should know you did a good job. Scare the crap out of them too. Everyone talks about competitive advantage and losing market share; in this case you are the first mover and I hope the best one. Let them try and copy you; no one will be better. It’s up to you to be resolute. Pump your chest out and stand behind your evolving, beautiful thing!

Full disclosure: I took this quote out of context and used it for my own selfish purposes. Laermer’s intent for penning this piece of good advice was originally focused on his own belief that the ‘Launch Campaign’ is extinct (you’ll have to read the whole post for the rest).


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