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Hot Men of ETRE

We’re pleased to announce that the CEO of one of our client companies, Tideway, has been named in Tattletech‘s Top 9 Hot Men of ETRE 2008:

Richard  Muirhead, CEO, Tideway – Men with glasses. Tall men with glasses. Smart, tall men with glasses. Smart, tall, debonaire men with glasses. If they are looking for the next Bond when they get sick to death of the blond Daniel Craig, then they should run to Richard.

Congratulations, Richard!

Though typically we actively pursue media opportunities focused on the company’s technology and industry issues – rather than on the CEO’s likeness to 007 himself – we can tell that this mention probably made his day. Lesson learned? There’s more than one way to tell a client’s story! Perhaps we’ll have to start making some calls to GQ


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