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NCP engineering Wins Two Awards

Within the past month, NCP engineering has won two awards for its Enterprise Management Solution.  NCP Secure Enterprise Solution was launched last month around at the RSA Conference.  The awards NCP won are the following:

Network Products Guide: 2009 Best Products and Services

  • Best in Remote Access

Info Security Products Guide: Global Product Excellence

  • 2009 Global Product Excellence – Remote Access Solution
  • 2009 Global Product Excellence – VPN/IPSec/SSL

NCPs AwardsCongratulations to NCP engineering on receiving these awards, and for a successful launch of its Enterprise solution!


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Part and Parcel of the Firm Voice

An article that appeared in The Firm Voice today states that PR may be more insulated from the recession and economic malaise than many other businesses.  It goes on to quote CMOs including long-time client Tideway‘s CMO Kelly Wenzel to back up the point and highlight areas within the PR mix that CMOs are spending their budgets on.

Kelly mentions that even though she’s had to cut the monthly retainer, she is able to supplement it with a project budget to make up for the fewer in-house resources she now has.  Our experience with Tideway has told us that this approach works well if the client and agency take a partnership approach to resourcing, results and remuneration.

Paul King, CEO of Herculese Networks points out that savvy PR agencies that take the time to get ahead of the measurement curve now will be a prime position now and post recession.

Applying science to PR measurement doesn’t work.  We all know this.  Companies and their PR partners need to get around the table regularly to assess the actual outcomes of the PR results (mainly visibility in influential media both social and traditional).  And as part of any customer advisory board a company has put together, measuring the marketing (PR in this instance) output/outcome should be discussed and verified.  This brings measurement down to planet eath.

And is social media the saving grace for PR budgets?  If you visit our site, March Communications, you will see that we do not list “social media relations” on our list of services. Instead, we incorporate social media principles and tools into our client’s campaigns, at both a strategic and tactical level. That way, social media becomes part of what we do for every client, on every campaign.  So, its not only the saving grace, it’s the ticket to PR today.  It’s just part and parcel of PR, so measuring it should involve the same process mentioned above.

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Comptel Wins Billing & OSS World Excellence Award

Last night, Comptel was honored with the Best Service Fulfillment Award at the Billing & OSS World Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.  The awards program recognized the leaders in the development and deployment of billing and OSS technologies.

Winners were selected by an independent panel of experts from the billing and OSS community,  including Ari Banerjee of Yankee Group; Dan Geiger of Infonetics Research; Susan McNeice, of Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan; Dan O’Shea of Fierce Telecom; Elisabeth Rainge of IDC; and members of the Billing & OSS World editorial team.

Kristi Siple accepted the award on behalf of the company.  Congratulations to Comptel on receiving this industry honor!


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Tideway Makes an Appearance in the Wall Street Journal

On Friday, our client Tideway was featured front and center in the Wall Street Journal – and by front and  center, I mean the first company listed in the story above Microsoft and Adobe and on the front page of the MarketWatch section – in an article by Ben Worthen, highlighting the company’s Community Edition software.




The article was a great success on many fronts.  For March, it was an opportunity to build a relationship with an influential tech reporter at the Journal, as well as another way to show our value and understanding of Tideway’s business objectives.  For Tideway, it was a way to reach numerous potential new customers, and as they say about Community Edition, a way to “scale the market.” 

As with any grade-A media hit, the opportunity didn’t come without some valuable refreshers on PR and media.  First of all, the opportunity never would have resulted if we didn’t call Ben to follow up on a pitch.  While most of the media tell you not to follow up with a call, I’d argue that 90 percent of the time, it’s that call that’ll actually get you into the story.  While I firmly believe in being as respectful as possible to comply with reporters’ preferences, a good ole’ fashioned conversation is still one of the best ways to build a solid relationship.

Once the article hit, it took a somewhat different direction than we’d initially thought.  This happens all of the time with stories, regardless if it’s business or trade press, broadcast or even social media.  Maybe the editor cut something out to make it fit the layout or the overall idea had to be tweaked a bit to more appropriately encompass all of the companies profiled…either way, the company is still in the Wall Street Journal, which will most likely boost its awareness and add credibility to its name.  It’s the PR agency’s job to appropriately highlight that and work with the client to brainstorm supplemental initiatives to showcase its technology.  For this opportunity specifically, we worked with Tideway to write a post for its blog, highlighting its appearance in the Journal and serving as a forum for interested parties to learn more about Community Edition.  Tideway also leveraged its fantastic customer relationships and had one of its former customers comment on the story online.

This experience showcased one of the things I love most about working in PR – everyday you experience something different; the scenario could be the same, but the circumstances are always different. 

I’m eager to see the results – i.e. lead generation, increase in Community Edition downloads, traffic increase, etc. – from Tideway’s inclusion in this article.  As with any client, we want our results to have a direct impact on increasing their bottom line, and if we’ve done that, than we’ve done our job.

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‘Tis the Season for Tradeshows

Recently, we wrote about our clients attending Management World 2009 in Nice and VoiceCon Orlando.  Network security provider NCP engineering will also be diving into the tradeshow scene with RSA Conference 2009, taking place April 20-24 in San Francisco, and InfoSecurity Europe 2009, taking place April 28-30 in London.

At RSA Conference, the company will be providing a full demo of its enterprise product portfolio for the very first time and participating in the German Pavilion

Eric Seymour and I will be joining International Systems Engineer Rene Poot, International Director Simon Ford, among others, at NCP’s booth (#1356-1).  Check out NCP’s tradeshow activities and other RSA Conference happenings regularly on VPN Haus and on Twitter at @vpnhaus.  San Francisco, here we come!


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Forums are Worth the Time to Monitor

A few years ago I overcame the frustration of sorting through all the junk Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts and other search emails that are billed as making life easier by monitoring the web for me. Like most people, I would wait until the end of the week to sift through it all (who has time to peruse them as they arrive?). At the bottom of most were listings that appeared to be junk, however they really were forum postings.

Since, I’ve paid close attention to these and click them first, by-passing the PC World, InformationWeek, Network World and other assorted ‘client clips’ that show up. Why? Most of my client’s customers / prospects / partners and other targets are hitting the forums with problems, looking for information they need. More often than not, this ‘peer-sourcing’ is the first step in the buying cycle. Take a look: Tom’s Hardware, Windows Seven Forums, PlanetAMD64, TechArena, Overclock, Computers Groupsrv, SQL Blog,

Now a staple recommendation for clients, paying attention and interacting with full disclosure, diving into forums has produced great results. We’ve caught customer service issues, competitor weaknesses, several hundred people ready to lay down money for a solution, and on and on.

Keep an eye on ’em and you might just find an open door to influence your target audience directly. Helpful, educational and friendly is the key – check the sales / marketing mumbo jumbo at the door or the forum admin will kick you right out.

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If Words Matter, Why is the Media ‘Dying’?

Maybe words don’t matter anymore – best of breed, revolutionary, turnkey, next generation – surely if they meant anything, journalists wouldn’t cringe when they hear these words. The journalist credo is: tell the truth so everyone can understand it. A little poetic license here, but the sentiment remains.

So when the media report on themselves, you’d think they would pay attention to words. Not so! Today’s instrumental PR tool, Twitter’s themediaisdying, is claiming a new death every hour or so. Really?? Aren’t these unfortunate journalists caught up in layoffs and closures really moving on to change the landscape of media rather than never being heard from again? Look at the genocide taking place:


Maybe it should be themediaisevolving – new bloggers, podcasters, content producers, *gasp* even turning to the dark side as self-proclaimed PR flacks. Words aside, it’s more important than ever to keep track of where these highly skilled wordsmiths resurface – our clients depend on us for it.

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