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Sister Act

In attempt to get back into the habit of volunteering, I’m currently undergoing training at the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston to become a Big Sister.  Going strong since 1951, this organization pairs Bigs with girls (Littles) ages 7-15 from all backgrounds throughout greater Boston.  I chose this organization because women of any age should always have a positive, supportive mentor to guide them through the difficulties of life, especially those tough teenage years.

So far, the training has provided various free/low cost activity ideas in Boston, scenarios that may arise with your Little and a history of the organization and importance of community-based volunteering.  It’s also taught me that littles can wait almost up to two years for a Big! 

A recent article in the Medfield Press (a suburb of Boston), talks about a mother who enrolled her daughter in the Big Sister program about 18 months ago.  The Little was recently paired with a Big and has been a positive experience ever since.  The Little’s mother states, “It’s a great opportunity for a child to form a relationship with someone who is older and who can help them develop their communications skills and be their companion.”

I’m looking forward to being paired with my Little and introducing her to the many great things Boston has to offer!  It will be great to make a difference in a young girls’ life.



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Happy 4th Anniversary March PR

Today, March Communications celebrates its fourth anniversary as one of the leading high-tech PR agencies in greater Boston.  Thanks to everyone for all of their hard work and dedication to making the agency a success. indicates that traditional gifts for the fourth anniversary typically entail fruit, flowers or appliances.  All gifts are welcome. 

Join us for some delicious cake from J. Pace in the North End or maybe even a drink at the Fours (no pun intended!)


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