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April Fools

One of the best shows known for office pranks is definitely NBC’s The Office.  Jim is constantly pranking Dwight and has a great compilation of his best pranks in the article ‘The Office’: Jim’s Best Pranks! from December.  

However, if you don’t have the time to put someone’s stapler in jello or send them faxes from themself from the future, there are plenty of other pranks you can pull on your coworkers for April Fool’s Day!  

Perhaps you want to put a post-it-note over the lazer/trackball on someone’s computer mouse, put “please use other door” signs on all the exits, or, if it’s raining, put confetti in their closed umbrella.  But whatever your prank is this April Fools Day, don’t get caught and be sure to keep a straight face! 🙂

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