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So you’re telling me Twitter is not a sound a bird makes?

Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, LinkedIn, Blogging and now this new thing called Twitter… say what!? You may be wondering what this latest social networking site is all about and if the recent hype is just well, um, hype. Twitter, a mix between micro-blogging and status updates, has left many interested but equally confused as how to use it and what the advantages are. Ultimately, Twitter is what you make of it. Do not expect to join Twitter and gain thousands of followers or fame by only tweeting about yourself or how great your company is (even if you truly believe you’re the best!). People don’t join Twitter to get spam-like tweets, they join to get advice, discover interesting news or start a discussion. Here are some Twitter tips I have learned over the past few months since I have joined.

1. Be creative with your Twitter page

Your page sets you apart from the thousands of people on Twitter.  It’s important to add a picture and a bio because this will help people quickly determine whether they should follow you or not.  It’s also more personable, so you’re not just another number in the crowd.  For example, Jenny Marie Miranda, a PR professional in NYC, uses her bio to write a brief description about her job and a link to her blog.  By posting a link to your blog or company’s website it can increase your readership, attract new business and let followers know more about you.      

2. A little humor, please!

Whether you’re a CEO or pizza delivery guy, people will not want to follow you if you sound like a robot or Debbie the Downer. You can be professional and personable at the same time. If you’re not a natural comedian at least try and throw in a funny link to a Youtube video here and there.

3. Interact with your followers

You will quickly lose followers, that is unless you’re David Beckham or Gisele Bundchen, if you only write about yourself or your company. Reply and retweet (RT) should be part of your daily routine. RT is when you give credit to someone else’s tweet. If you find something interesting or you have an opinion reply back to a tweet. Don’t be afraid to start a discussion! Replying back engages you in a conversation and has the potential for networking opportunities, new ideas or followers.

4. Share links

When you tweet add links to a website, news article, blog, video or picture you find interesting. It’s more interactive and visual, plus chances are people will more likely RT what you wrote.

5. Learn to abbreviate
When I first joined Twitter some of the language was foreign to me and I felt like I was 80 years old hearing what LOL meant for the first time (it doesn’t mean “Lord oh Lord” which is what my elderly neighbor thought originally). I saw people write such things as: SMH, DM, LMAO etc. Since Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters maximum people use abbreviations all the time.  So it’s a good idea to learn and keep up with the ever changing Twitter lingo. BTW (by the way), if you were wondering SMH means shake my head , DM means direct message and LMAO means laughing my ass off.

Now tweet away and remember as Darren Rowse notes “The best way to get followers. Be useful, unique, focused on a topic, interactive and genuine. Don’t spam or get sucked into a numbers game.” Also, if David Beckham joins Twitter, please let me know!


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