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Part and Parcel of the Firm Voice

An article that appeared in The Firm Voice today states that PR may be more insulated from the recession and economic malaise than many other businesses.  It goes on to quote CMOs including long-time client Tideway‘s CMO Kelly Wenzel to back up the point and highlight areas within the PR mix that CMOs are spending their budgets on.

Kelly mentions that even though she’s had to cut the monthly retainer, she is able to supplement it with a project budget to make up for the fewer in-house resources she now has.  Our experience with Tideway has told us that this approach works well if the client and agency take a partnership approach to resourcing, results and remuneration.

Paul King, CEO of Herculese Networks points out that savvy PR agencies that take the time to get ahead of the measurement curve now will be a prime position now and post recession.

Applying science to PR measurement doesn’t work.  We all know this.  Companies and their PR partners need to get around the table regularly to assess the actual outcomes of the PR results (mainly visibility in influential media both social and traditional).  And as part of any customer advisory board a company has put together, measuring the marketing (PR in this instance) output/outcome should be discussed and verified.  This brings measurement down to planet eath.

And is social media the saving grace for PR budgets?  If you visit our site, March Communications, you will see that we do not list “social media relations” on our list of services. Instead, we incorporate social media principles and tools into our client’s campaigns, at both a strategic and tactical level. That way, social media becomes part of what we do for every client, on every campaign.  So, its not only the saving grace, it’s the ticket to PR today.  It’s just part and parcel of PR, so measuring it should involve the same process mentioned above.


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Isn’t some of IT All Green Tech?

High-tech by definition is cutting-edge technology; it’s THE most advanced technology currently available.  In the ‘80s, it was computers; the ‘90s, the Internet and mobile phones; and in the early years of the new millennium, it is cloud computing. ISN’T SOME OF IT ALL GREEN TECH?

While the traditional essence of high-tech still exists with advancements in IT, biotech, aerospace and the like, a new breed of high-tech is unfolding in the  green/cleantech sector.  Whether it’s a company with a central focus on solar or renewable energy, or an enterprise software company helping businesses reduce power consumption, it’s clear that technology is going green.

March Communications has been mastering high-tech PR for the past four years, with individual employees focused on it for more than two decades.

March Communications’ expertise in high-tech – combined with its longstanding personal interest in greening the environment – puts it in a prime position to serve clients in this emerging space.  We’re already familiar with the business, vertical and technology trade press; we’re skilled in using social media as a way to drive audiences to clients; and more importantly – we know that the most effective way to reach client objectives is to develop a solid message that’s delivered through the most targeted medium.

Our recent experience with green/clean technology clients includes Tideway, GE’s Ecomagination project and Koch Membrane Systems.  We look forward to working with many more innovative green clients in the near future with the formal launch of GlobalCom’s New Energy and Environment practice.

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Are you my friend?

What’s the definition of a friend in the Social Media world?

Do you want to be my friend?  Do I want to be your friend?  I was reading Peter Shankman’s post on Facebook Purgatory and it made me stop and think about whether I would ever get to 5,000 friends on Facebook and still have another 4,000 in waiting.  I think NEVER.  And mainly because it would be impossible to correspond and visit that many “friends”.  And isn’t that what Facebook is all about.  It’s not a nubmers game – well to some it toally is – but to  me it’s an up to the minute reunion.

Shankman is very well connected and everyone wants to be on his radar but are you really “friends” with him?  I would like to be connected to Shankman professionally and make sure I know who he knows and perhaps the best way is to follow him on Twitter and/or get introduced via LinkedIn. ….(she leaves the page momentarily asking a colleague to introduce her to Shankman on LinkedIn and double checks she is following him on Twitter remembering her last post was way tooo long ago in the social media world.)  ANYWAY…

So how many Facebook friends do you have?  I proudly boast 223.  But if you are Adam, Matt or Bon J I would love to be friends with you.

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Are economic woes giving rise to owner-driven global PR networks?

I spent two days in Milano with 30 PR professionals from around the globe.  We all belong to the GlobalCom network – a network built by passionate owners of specialist agencies across the world.

During our time together, we asked each other what implications the recession has had on our clients’ businesses and the growth of the network.  Since the network is made up of agenices that specialize across the IT, healthcare and travel and tourism industries, all our clients are feeling the pinch and taking precutionary measures.

One trend we identified was the move toward owner-driven agency networks.  A number of our clients recently moved from the well established global networks most of us have spent time in.  They tell us the ROI is stronger and more quickly established with global networks that are made up of specialized and experienced teams that more often than not have the agency owner participating.

With a number of pitches on the boil and big conferences in the coming months, we weren’t short of discussion points to take us away from the gloom and doom of the recession.  I had the honor of presenting a case study my Tideway team so successfully implemented during WEF in Davos, Switzerland.  I simply showed how Twitter can be a useful tool when trying to reach influencers that are all in one place.  I have to be honest, if it weren’t for this Twitter experience with Tideway, I wouldn’t rate it.  I just don’t get why people want to follow me or why i should follow others.  Do I care what people are eating for breakfast, what city they are in, or their most recent thought?  May be but I think not.

Anyway, Milano was amazing.  I loved the wine, the food and especially being with 30 PRs who get it.  Most people would find the thought of being surrounded by 30 PR people frightening.  I am not like most I guess.

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