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PR Is to Marketing …

This morning, while perusing LinkedIn, I came across an interesting post to the Answers section from Jennifer Lindsay.  She asked for thoughts on the analogy of “PR is to marketing as, _____ is to _____.

The LinkedIn community (and those involved in PR and technology) certainly responded with interesting ideas.  Some of the thoughts that most resounded with me are:

  • A spoke is to a wheel

Public relations is one essential component of a marketing program.  It impacts a company’s objective and helps to get the wheel turning in lead generation.

  • Peanut butter is to jelly

Both PR and marketing are two good, yet different ingredients but are more effective when combined.  The techniques complement each other to achieve many of the same goals.

How would you fill in the analogy?



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Thursday Twitter Tips

It’s not just Ashton Kutcher / CNN / Oprah on Twitter.  Despite the celebrity hype winding down, it seems that more businesses and PR pros are getting into the spirit.  For some tweeting guidance, here are a few (of the many) helpful articles and posts on Twitter best practices:


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Wolfram Alpha Search Engine Unveiled

There’s been a ton of media coverage over the past week around Wolfram Alpha, a new “Computational Knowledge Engine” developed by mathematician, scientist and entrepreneur Stephen Wolfram.  Wolfram demonstrated this soon-to-be-launched Web service (something of a cross between a graphing calculator, repositories of scientific data and a system to interpret questions posed in human terms, according to CNET) during a talk at Harvard Law School.  Some interesting screenshots and videos of the search engine, which is being hailed as “an invention that could change the Internet forever,” a “Google killer” and a “Web 3.0 pioneer,” have been posted on ReadWriteWeb and ZDNet.

With all of the focus on Wolfram Alpha, there hasn’t seemed to be many discussions around its impact on search engine optimization (SEO).  Will it even be possible to employ SEO tactics (especially for PR-based efforts) with this new technology?  Will it complement Google rather than compete against it?  I look forward to testing it out upon the official launch.


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Comptel Wins Billing & OSS World Excellence Award

Last night, Comptel was honored with the Best Service Fulfillment Award at the Billing & OSS World Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.  The awards program recognized the leaders in the development and deployment of billing and OSS technologies.

Winners were selected by an independent panel of experts from the billing and OSS community,  including Ari Banerjee of Yankee Group; Dan Geiger of Infonetics Research; Susan McNeice, of Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan; Dan O’Shea of Fierce Telecom; Elisabeth Rainge of IDC; and members of the Billing & OSS World editorial team.

Kristi Siple accepted the award on behalf of the company.  Congratulations to Comptel on receiving this industry honor!


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March Communications in PRWeek


March Communications appeared in the March 30th issue of PRWeek!  Martin Jones recently spoke with Nicole Zerillo on the growing use of webcasts and online tactics to reach global audiences. 

We’ve found it to be a very successful tool for providing visual components to news announcements and supporting tradeshows.clip_image0022

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‘Tis the Season for Tradeshows

Recently, we wrote about our clients attending Management World 2009 in Nice and VoiceCon Orlando.  Network security provider NCP engineering will also be diving into the tradeshow scene with RSA Conference 2009, taking place April 20-24 in San Francisco, and InfoSecurity Europe 2009, taking place April 28-30 in London.

At RSA Conference, the company will be providing a full demo of its enterprise product portfolio for the very first time and participating in the German Pavilion

Eric Seymour and I will be joining International Systems Engineer Rene Poot, International Director Simon Ford, among others, at NCP’s booth (#1356-1).  Check out NCP’s tradeshow activities and other RSA Conference happenings regularly on VPN Haus and on Twitter at @vpnhaus.  San Francisco, here we come!


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Confessions of an Independent Blogger…

I recently caught up with Baseball Analysts writer Patrick Sullivan to find out how he got started with social media and to get some tips as a new blogger… (and get everyone excited for the 2009 baseball season)…

Q: What inspired you to start blogging?

A: Back in 2003, I used to contribute to a Boston Red Sox message board called Sons of Sam Horn.  Another contributor there started a Red Sox blog called The House that Dewey Built (named after former Red Sox right fielder Dwight Evans).  He asked me if I would help out, and in time, I became the site’s main contributor, posting near-daily updates.

As time went on, real-life/career demands made regular updating more of a challenge.  Rich Lederer’s invitation in 2006 to become a regular contributor to Baseball Analysts could not have been more timely.  I needed to be writing less but still wanted to stay involved in baseball writing/blogging.  Joining Rich’s site as a weekly contributor for a much broader readership offered me a chance to focus more on quality versus quantity, write about the baseball topics beyond the Red Sox and also cut back on the total time I was devoting to blogging.

Q: How else do you participate in social media?  Why do you feel that it’s important to participate?

A: I have a Facebook account and poke around various baseball and political sites, occasionally offering my two cents but mostly lurking.

I don’t know that social media participation is important per se, but I do enjoy it.  The more interaction I have with friends, family and those with shared interests, the better.

Q: Any advice that you can share with those looking to start blogging?

A: Know why you want to do it because then you can tailor your work accordingly–and manage your expectations.  If you are looking for as vast a readership as possible, make sure you are filling a niche and adding value.  Be clear with your target readership on why you are writing.

If you just want space or a forum to get your thoughts on anything–and everything–out there, then don’t worry as much about whether or not your writing is as unique and differentiated.

Thanks, Patrick, for your thoughts!

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