Simple Tips for Increasing Your Web Traffic

New York Times Gadgetwise blogger Azadeh Ensha wrote a post earlier this week on the 10 Ways to Build Traffic to Your Site.  I felt this was an appropriate blog topic for several reasons.  First, as a small boutique agency, we’re always looking for new ways to ramp up our own blog; and second, the majority of our clients are young international tech companies looking to increase their visibility or start out completely new in the States.  We also work with clients like ASI to build corporate blogs. 


Here’s a 100-foot rundown of Azadeh’s tips I found the most useful, with a bit of my own commentary here and there:

  • Self promote – add a favorite or bookmark option, as well as an “email this” and “share” tab; add your blog or Web site to your email signature, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Write useful, original content – write regularly and make sure everything is well-thought out; think about your headlines and make sure you include simple key words – This is one tip I could not agree more with.  Most companies have a blog now a days, and if they don’t, they’re probably thinking about it.  Sure the ideas are going to be similar, but you can make it your own by adding your own personality and your own ideas.  More importantly, make sure you’re writing appropriately for your audience.  People are so inundated with information and with options to get that information that you have to stand out to keep a following. 
  • Bring on guest bloggers [with an established name] – This tip is fairly self-explanatory, but is a great idea, particularly for smaller companies looking to gain awareness.  Include the person’s name in your entry title and post it on Twitter or have them link the post to their blog.  Having that recognizable name associated with your company is sure to drive at least a few new people to your site.
  • Link and tag – Link to other sites within your post and submit your site to blog directories; make sure you’re using appropriate headers, titles and meta tags for SEO – Cheapflights comes to mind as a great example of a company that has really embraced the idea of optimizing their site for SEO.  Anyone that does a Web search on “cheap flights,” the Web page is always at the top of the list.
  • Engage the reader – Promptly answer any emails or comments; show your personality – let the readers get to know you; create an online poll or survey

For a complete list of tips, visit here. 


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