Green is the New Black

Green has always been my favorite color, but I do agree that it is the new black.  It’s chic, it’s cool, it’s now. 

I’d like to personally thank Lillian for keeping the March office on our toes when it comes to recycling.  I am the first to admit that I wasn’t the best recycler until I met her (insert awww’s).  But now I do my part and encourage others to do theirs.  Props to Lil. 

In addition to Lil’s tips on “Going Green,” I saw a post earlier this week on The Christian Science Monitor’s Bright Green Blog on how the Boston Marathon and other road races are going green.  Instead of driving to the starting line, the Boston Athletic Association transported the runners in diesel-fueled buses.  Poland Spring, sponsor of the Marathon, also supplied runners with the newly-designed water bottle, which uses 30% less plastic than the older version.  All cups of Gatorade handed out on the Marathon route were biodegradable and collected for recycling.  I’m glad Boston kickstarted this green campaign around one of the biggest outdoor events in the city.  Just think about the amounts of trash left behind on Heartbreak Hill and Boylston Street as runners throw their bottles and cups! 

It’s really the little things that count in helping to preserve our environment and keep the beautiful city of Boston clean and not looking like a pig pen! 


In this photo, Kermit tries to convince Miss Piggy that it’s not easy being green.  She’s not havin’ it.


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