Datacenter Transformation Summit and Carrier Neutral Data Centers

The Datacenter Transformation Summit, sponsored by Tier 1 Research and The 451 Group, kicks off one week from today at the Hyatt Dulles in Hendon, Virginia.


One panel that looks particularly interesting is titled, “Leadership Perspective: Where the Cloud Lives – the Carrier Neutral Datacenter.”  Anthony Foy, Group Managing Director at Interxion, is speaking on how the carrier neutral datacenter is one of the four key enablers of cloud computing.  Anthony will explain Interxion’s role in building the Internet infrastructure over the past 10 years, and how Interxion assists customers in building scalable private and public cloud computing environments to meet their market demand and reduce total cost of ownership while enhancing scalability and availability.

The idea of carrier neutral data centers, in general, seems to be a smart business move for companies struggling to fund their internal data center projects since carrier neutral data centers already have the space, cooling requirements, power, and expertise in place – things that would be quite costly for a company to implement themselves – not to mention the IT staff that comes with it.

There are also security benefits of outsourcing to a carrier neutral data center – since they work with anything from 20 to 30 carriers, customers can be confident that if one network fails, their data will be instantly switched over to another without missing a beat.  Bob Scheier‘s Tech Trends blog post yesterday gave a nice description of these benefits, noting that carrier neutral data centers also enjoy economies of scale for everything from physical space to power and bandwidth – something that individual companies and coloacation vendors cannot.

Carrier neutral data centers seem like a promising industry trend and is definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye on.


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