I was recently introduced to a site called WeFollow, “A User Powered Twitter Directory.”  It categorizes Tweeple in directories ranging from politics and celebrities to moms and zombies.  The most popular category is tech, closely followed by social media – both with over 7 million followers under each tag!

we follow

To get started with We Follow, go to http://wefollow.com/ and click the button in the top right corner labeled “Add yourself to WeFollow.”


It will ask you to verify that you have a Twitter account and then have you enter 3 tags that describe you, under which you will be added in the WeFollow directory.  It also lets you follow the site @wefollow and will post a tweet for you saying, “Just added myself to the http://wefollow.com twitter directory under: ____________,” filling in whatever tags you listed.


Though you may never reach the popularity of Britney Spears or Barak Obama (each leading their respective categories of celebrity and politics), WeFollow seems like a great way to find out whose who on Twitter while boosting your followers and increasing the number of meaningful people you follow.



  1. Rich Ord said

    Hi Meredith,

    Another directory is Twellow.com which we founded last July. It allows people to edit their listing description and to follow and unfollow friends right from categories or search results. You can view people geographically as well.

    Meredith, here is a link to your listing in Twellow:


    Rich Ord
    CEO, iEntry Network (which owns Twellow)

  2. Also, check out http://www.tweettop.com – it is designed to be a twitter directory, but also a reader for those who don’t want to follow hoards of people or who don’t want to “publish” on twitter at all.


    J, http://www.sumolabs.com

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