Are you my friend?

What’s the definition of a friend in the Social Media world?

Do you want to be my friend?  Do I want to be your friend?  I was reading Peter Shankman’s post on Facebook Purgatory and it made me stop and think about whether I would ever get to 5,000 friends on Facebook and still have another 4,000 in waiting.  I think NEVER.  And mainly because it would be impossible to correspond and visit that many “friends”.  And isn’t that what Facebook is all about.  It’s not a nubmers game – well to some it toally is – but to  me it’s an up to the minute reunion.

Shankman is very well connected and everyone wants to be on his radar but are you really “friends” with him?  I would like to be connected to Shankman professionally and make sure I know who he knows and perhaps the best way is to follow him on Twitter and/or get introduced via LinkedIn. ….(she leaves the page momentarily asking a colleague to introduce her to Shankman on LinkedIn and double checks she is following him on Twitter remembering her last post was way tooo long ago in the social media world.)  ANYWAY…

So how many Facebook friends do you have?  I proudly boast 223.  But if you are Adam, Matt or Bon J I would love to be friends with you.


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  1. How does getting introduced on LinkedIn help? Just email me! I promise to respond. 🙂

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