Forums are Worth the Time to Monitor

A few years ago I overcame the frustration of sorting through all the junk Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts and other search emails that are billed as making life easier by monitoring the web for me. Like most people, I would wait until the end of the week to sift through it all (who has time to peruse them as they arrive?). At the bottom of most were listings that appeared to be junk, however they really were forum postings.

Since, I’ve paid close attention to these and click them first, by-passing the PC World, InformationWeek, Network World and other assorted ‘client clips’ that show up. Why? Most of my client’s customers / prospects / partners and other targets are hitting the forums with problems, looking for information they need. More often than not, this ‘peer-sourcing’ is the first step in the buying cycle. Take a look: Tom’s Hardware, Windows Seven Forums, PlanetAMD64, TechArena, Overclock, Computers Groupsrv, SQL Blog,

Now a staple recommendation for clients, paying attention and interacting with full disclosure, diving into forums has produced great results. We’ve caught customer service issues, competitor weaknesses, several hundred people ready to lay down money for a solution, and on and on.

Keep an eye on ’em and you might just find an open door to influence your target audience directly. Helpful, educational and friendly is the key – check the sales / marketing mumbo jumbo at the door or the forum admin will kick you right out.


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