Twitter: the Next, Biggest Threat to Paparazzi?

Will Twitter become the paparazzi’s new biggest competitor?

After reading Andy Greenberg’s article “Why Celebrities Twitter” in Forbes earlier this week, it definitely seems to be one of its hottest contenders.  Most importantly, it gives celebrities a way to control their privacy.

At first this may sound like an oxymoron – writing a 140-word description of what you’re doing at all times is anything but private – but for celebs, it’s a way for them to beat the paparazzi to the punch, and reveal to the public only what they want, when they want.

According to Laura Fitton, a social media consultant and one of Twitters most-followed users (@Pistachio), who Greenberg interviewed for the article, Twitter is a savvy, new form of media control for celebrities.

It definitely makes sense, and is a smart way to build celebrities’ brand, as well as show a more personalized, down-to-earth side of them.  How can you help but have a soft spot in your heart for MCHammer when he Tweets about “daddy goes to school day” with his son: hammerrt5hammerrt23

The downside to be being a celebrity in the Twittersphere is that it’s often hard to know if you’re following the real celebrity or an impersonator.  Film School Rejects has a good top eight list of the most entertaining fake Twitter users.  My favorite is the William Shatner copycat who changed his Twitter name to @WilliamShatner2 after being outed by the real one.

It’ll be interesting to see how the “paparazzi vs. celebs themselves” war for the inside scoop plays out.  Until then, check out these articles in the Guardian, Mashable and Telegraph will lists of celebs on Twitter.  Hopefully they are all the real deals…




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