Stories with legs…

Marvelous – a new category in marketing – ‘Backlash Marketing’.

I came across it because I was intrigued to receive an email from a friend linking to this video – a CBS story on Heart Attack Grill. I first heard about the place in 2006, it was launched in 2005, and so wondered what was new that was grabbing the headlines once again.

The answer…? Absolutely nothing.

Heart Attack Grill exists to court controversy – deliberately unhealthy food, from Quadruple Bypass Burgers to full fat Coke to fries cooked in pure lard wrapped up in all things socially unacceptable, cigarettes on the menu, waitresses dressed in scantily clad nurse uniforms and wheelchairs to get you back to your car after you have gorged yourself. Lovely.

The story has captured the hearts and minds of media and pundits alike, in both a good and bad way, and has delivered a massive dose of free exposure that money simply cannot buy.

In days gone by, this story would have caused a stir, hit some headlines and then gone away….largely.

But in today’s PR world, people are still talking about it, whether they are outraged, excited, relieved, angry, no matter.

It would be challenging to apply the principles of Backlash Marketing to technology PR, although not impossible!

What’s more interesting is that the power of PR, in today’s media landscape combined with the variety of ways people can now share information, means that if you can give a story some legs….it can just keep on running.

The concept of ‘media control’, the mantra of our PR-edecessors, is now officially dead and a new opportunity exists to fully engage our audiences in ways that live and breathe in the same way they do.

Unfortunately, while the story rocks, the food apparently does not – but I don’t think they really care!


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  1. lizcaradonna said

    Nice use of “PR-edecessors.” We need something like a swear jar in this office, but for puns.

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